Why You Need Quality Microscopes

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Microscopes are used for diagnostic purposes in pathology, microbiology, hematology, and cytology labs. Designed for daily laboratory use, there are various brands and models of these lab instruments available in the market. They range from simple binocular microscopes to advanced digital ones. Whether an educational, research or clinical lab, experiments can be quite challenging. That’s why you need quality microscopes.

The commonly used models are optical and electron microscopes. An optical microscope uses light beam to image the specimen, whereas an electron microscope uses an electron beam. An electron microscope offers superior quality image and resolution power and is therefore more suited for advanced operations.

Choose The Right Microscope For Your Needs

There are different types of microscopes and you need to choose the one most suitable for your requirements:

• Compound microscope: This is the most widely used type. They use more than one lens to focus and magnify.
• Polarizing microscopes: These microscopes are used for viewing thin sections of samples.
• Stereomicroscopes: These instruments are used for viewing larger objects in three dimensions.

Select the right size and model - If you are purchasing educational microscopes for young students, you may want to select one with compact body size to save money. Binocular heads offer greater comfort and less eye-strain than monocular, but cost significantly more.

Quality – Quality is a very significant and should be the deciding factor when you purchase a laboratory microscope. Go for a branded product as that would ensure all features needed for accurate diagnosis. Some of the most common features include high point eye piece, multi-position, movable condenser, and variable light adjustment. Make sure that accessories such as amp fuse, filters, immersion oil, and so on are available.
Sturdiness - The next important concern should be the sturdiness of the equipment. The product you purchase should be made of sturdy metal like alloy. It should be user-friendly and provide error-free performance. As these instruments are frequently used, durability is an important factor.
Purchase From An Established Lab Equipment Dealer

To purchase quality microscopes, find a reliable dealer. Look for superior laboratory microscopes from leading manufacturers like LW Scientific and UNICO. Some of the popular models from LW Scientific are the M5 INFINITY LabScope Plan, M16 Freedom Jr. Cordless Microscope, C-mount 4 Obj, M2 LabScope DIN Plan Trinoc, M2 INFINITY Epi-Fluorescent Labscope, Revelation III-A Achro. Binocular, and Trinocular, and M250 Binocular Microscope. UNICO's monocular microscopes come in a variety of models including the M101, M220FL, M220FL-M, M220LED, M220LED-M, M251 and M251LED.
Compare product features and cost and choose the model that best meets your lab requirements. 

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Why You Need Quality Microscopes

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This article was published on 2012/11/08